Moradin's Hammer


weapon (melee)

Forged by Moradin himself, this warhammer is unable to be lifted by any dwarf other than the king, thus ensuring the selection of king by the god himself. The hammer conveys no magic bonus for a non-dwarf, in fact its awkwardness and weight grants a -2 non-proficiency penalty.

In the hands of the king, the hammer is a +3 Warhammer, inflicting 1-10 points of damage and on a critical hit, the hammer inflicts an additional 3d12 damage.

Property- If the wielder is king and a worshiper of Moradin he may add the enchantment bonus to attack and damage rolls with any power that benefits from holy symbols.

Power- Free Action- Use this power when you hit with an attack. Make a secondary attack burst 3 centered on the creature you hit. Attacks only enemies. STR or CON vs FORT (add enchantment bonus, not proficiency to attack rolls) Targets take 1d6+CON modifier and are knocked prone. 2d6 at level 16 and 3d6 at 21.

Level 16-4 (burst 4 for daily power, 4d12 for critical hit)
Level 21-
5 (burst 5 for daily power, 5d12 for critical hit)


Moradin's Hammer

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