Siegfried Steelwind

Wandering hot-blooded Dragonborn blademaster, ever seeking new challenges to improve his skills.


Siegfried is a Dragonborn from the Germanic regions who wandered into the events of plague entirely by accident. Always seeking battle to further perfect his skills, Siegfried joined up with the other heroes in the middle of a pitched battle at sea and has found continual challenge and companionship with them. Though he says he trains to be strong enough to unite the Dragonborn tribes and protect them, when observed in battle it seems that he simply enjoys fighting for its own sake. He has been known to be disappointed when battle is avoided. Despite this, his hot-blooded passion sometimes making him rash, and his arrogance sometimes getting the best of him, Siegfried is a reliable front-line warrior for the heroes and will never back down or run away when he is needed.

Siegfried has been known to write down his travels in a very large journal, for unexplained reasons. He also keeps a win/loss record in his journal of every significant opponent he has met. His training methods are very peculiar, involving such things as “slashing between the raindrops” during a storm. This is largely due to his master being a man from the faraway land of Japan. Siegfried was given his blade as a gift by his master and will NEVER relinquish it willingly, no matter the circumstances. This has gotten him in trouble more than once. Though he is only dimly aware of it due to being told by a fellow Psionic, Siegfried’s swordsmanship is more than just physical and martial ability—his overwhelming personality manifests itself in Psychic aid to his combat style. Siegfried’s normal fighting style involves rapid movement around the battlefield, taking on as many enemies as possible.

The two most distinctive features of Siegfried’s appearance are his garishly bright and exceptionally long red scarf, which he considers something of a trademark item, and his bright golden scales. He always stands out in a crowd and takes this in stride, taking joy in being seen and recognized.

Siegfried Steelwind

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