Fantasy Europe is inspired by the history and figures our own medieval Europe, but with a high-fantasy flavor. Set twenty years after the Heroes of the Gods campaign, Plague of Vecna features one of the children of the queen of Eireland, former hero herself Rhiannon Diangraine. Alongside the son of the mortal elf and god of the Sun-Daeglan (Warlord) are a human storm mage named Nimbuse (Sorcerer), a pair of unrelated dwarves, Dugal (Rogue) and Gurtis (Bard), and a Dragonborne psychic warrior (Battlemind) called Siegfried

Though the gods have agreed to not interfere in the affairs of mortals, gods of both good and evil had put plans into motion long before the agreement of non-interference was made.

Cultists of Vecna performed a ritual that brought a meteor storm to Rome and released a magic mist that turned the dead to undead. Those undead carried a virus that infected those bitten or slain by these ghouls and zombies. Now the avatar of Vecna has assumed the form of a trusted ally and her undead horde has taken Rome. Can the heroes warn the remainder of Europe and find a way to strike back against the forces of Vecna before the undead plague takes over the world?

Plague of Vecna

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